About the Award

Ethics in Business Award founders Dr. Michael W. Forsthoefel and Reverend Glenn Bass celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Ethics in Business Award.

The Rotary Clubs of our area believe there are exemplary persons and businesses in our community that exhibit outstanding ethical practices and deserve recognition. By identifying these persons and businesses, we hope to increase our community’s ethical awareness and hopefully, promote the highest standards of ethical business practice. It is with these thoughts in mind that the first Ethics in Business Award was awarded in 2001.

The Rotary Clubs of the Tallahassee area promote this project because:

  1. Community well being is enhanced by businesses that do well by doing good. Recognizing individuals and institutions encourages those who are doing the right thing in an environment that often disparages idealism.
  2. A cooperative venture of this kind builds positive exchanges within the business community and uncovers innovative practices and unsung heroes.
  3. The program invites scrutiny, heightening ethical awareness of ones' own practice.

The logo for our trophy, pictured on the Award Program, is a copy of an ancient Greek coin representing Athena. In Classical Greek times the owl represented Athena, the goddess of Wisdom. For the ancient Greek philosophers, the ultimate Virtue was Wisdom because Wisdom simultaneously encompassed all the knowledge and judgment one needed to be good. With the help of the graphics department at the Tallahassee Democrat, this coin was superimposed on an outline of the Rotary Wheel. We hope this design provides our intended inspiration.

The process of selecting nominees and winners involves the efforts of many members of our clubs and students from the Florida State University School of Business. The nominees have maintained the highest ethical standards in dealings with employees, customers, and other businesses. Sensitivity to the needs of the community, respect for the environment, leadership, adherence to the principles of the Rotary Four Way Test, and the provision of resource support to humanitarian causes are some of the other criteria used to select the winner.

Members of our community submit nominations; the students at the Business School researched the nominees and make recommendations for selection of the winner. In 2006 the Award committee was approached by members of the Capital Rotary Club with a request to combine their Club’s “Bill Dugger Ethics in Business Award” with the Ethics in Business Award. Rotarians who knew Bill Dugger, who died in a tragic accident, describe him as “a dedicated person in all major aspects of life: he was a devoted family man and spent a great deal of time with his daughters Wendy and Jenna in their YMCA Indian Princess, school, art, dance, sport, and church activities. He was a tremendous community service leader as President of Rotary, and Chair of the Salvation Army Advisory Board, where he started the Christmas Sharing Tree, and many other worthy causes". Lastly, Bill was a consummate professional as a real estate salesman who reached the pinnacle of success through ethical performance of his duties.

After presenting the Capital Club’s request to the Area Rotary Presidents Council, it was unani-mously agreed that the Award would hereinafter be known as: The Ethics in Business Award, in Memory of Bill Dugger.

To do well in our society, one must have the wisdom to know right from wrong, and the desire to do what is right for all. Please join us as we honor the ninth recipient of the 2009 Ethics in Business Award, in Memory of Bill Dugger.



If you have any questions about the award or the criteria, please feel free to call
Reverend Glenn Bass at 345-9782 or, Michael Forsthoefel at 906-9870.