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2020 Ethics in Business Award
Now, more than ever is a phrase you’ve heard before. This time, however, it’s not overworked, it’s understatement. Anyone who has been following financial and business news recently knows that ethical behavior is at a low ebb in many places.


That’s why this years Rotary Clubs of Tallahassee, Wakulla, and Monticello’s Ethics in Business award really is more important than ever.

Increasingly respected and influential in our community, the award makes it clear that rotary ideals support and inform the effort to feature ethical business people as models for their peers. It’s a milestone year- a year to remember and review the award’s history, its distinguished nominees, and its past winners.

This year’s award is bigger and better than ever because ethical behavior in business and in life is more important than ever to the viability and civility of our region, our state, our country.

We need your help to identify recipients. It's now easier than ever to submit your nomination. You can now complete your nomination online. Click here if you would like to review the evaluation criteria. In addition, the evaluation criteria is included on the nomination form.

The Rotary Clubs of the Tallahassee area believe there are exemplary persons and businesses in our community who exhibit outstanding ethical practices. We have established an Ethics in Business Award in Memory of Bill Dugger to give community-wide recognition to such businesses and individuals.

The Rotary Clubs of the Tallahassee area promote this project because:

  1. Community well being is enhanced by businesses that do well by doing good. Recognizing individuals and institutions encourages those who are doing the right thing in an environment that often disparages idealism.
  2. A cooperative venture of this kind builds positive exchanges within the business community and uncovers innovative practices and unsung heroes.
  3. The program invites scrutiny, heightening ethical awareness of ones' own practice. 

If you have any questions about the award or the criteria, please feel free to call
Reverend Glenn Bass at 345-9782 or, Michael Forsthoefel at 906-9870.